Master of Business Administration (MBA)

duration Duration: 2 Years

validity Validity: 4 Years

rupee Total Program Fee 200,000/-

apply_online Apply Online

For most effective eLearning outcomes, for each course, learners need to spend about an hour daily.

The two year fully online MBA program is open to graduates, working professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Online MBA Program

ICFAI's Online MBA Program brings together the ICFAI's legacy of over 30 years of academic excellence in management education, two decades of vast experience in Open and Distance Learning, Flexible Distance Learning and eLearning for Management programs and contemporary technological tools that aim to equip the students with skills for the 21st century workplace.

Managers and future managers who, in addition to their existing skills want to acquire business management skills, leadership skills and excel in their careers in a dynamic business environment will benefit from the program.

  • ICFAI has been a pioneer for over 30 years in academic excellence and innovation in higher education. More than a lakh of alumni of ICFAI's various programs are pursuing successful careers in many bluechip organizations across the globe.

  • ICFAI provides flexibility in their Programs in how, what, where and when their students learn.

  • Employers in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world emphasize continuous learning for continued employability whether for career entry, transition or progression. The program design of IFHE provides learners an edge in employability.

  • A rich variety of content types are integrated into the Program design to accommodate eLearning styles and learning consistent with byte sized learning: Animated Videos- Concept Videos, PEP (Perspectives Experiences and Practices) Videos, Case Videos, Workout Videos/ Course and Module Intro Videos (IVs)/ Video Lectures (FV) / Learning Pathways/ Glossary/ Engagement Exercises/ Quizzes/Blogs / Discussion Forums/ Webinars/ Social Media Posts/ eLM/Additional Readings/Workbook / Case book /PEP Notes/ Bullet Notes.

  • The curriculum, content, pedagogy and assessment have been designed and aligned to learning outcomes of program, courses and modules through Micro learning, Concept in Context and Practice to Precept approaches.

  • There is a dominant emphasis on application as story nuggets in content, one page cases, PEP (Perspectives Experiences and Practices) Notes, Workbooks and assessment. Each course on an average has 700 such nuggets in multi-content format.

  • Learners can opt either for an Entrepreneurship Practicum or a Business Research Project. The Practicum enables them to assess opportunity, flavor the entrepreneurial lifestyle/startup culture and appreciate the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs during various phases of start-ups. The Research Project aims at recommending an innovation to industry based on a study of the market challenges and possible solutions.

  • In an increasingly diverse and interdisciplinary world, the ICFAI Online MBA Program provides for choice of any elective or combination of electives offered from any area for better program outcomes.


key takeways from icfai online mba program


Personalized learning is student centered. Each student is prompted for an individual academic journey that fits his/her strengths and needs. You learn at your pace (within the curriculum plan and standards) and fit the learning around your life, using your favourite platform, viz., smart phone, tablets, laptops and more. Isn’t it truly personal?


For a majority, and even more, getting qualified means getting placed in the best available job. Though ICFAI Online MBA doesn't offer placements, we help our students to acquire the skill mix and attributes which help them not only to get employed but also to be successful thereafter.



Having performed effectively in the current role, it is common for the employees to feel brimmed. This is a natural part of career growth. Bridging the skill gap helps you to be better equipped for the next stride; be it progression or switch. It is here the ICFAI Online MBA fits in. The plus here is that you continue to work even as you learn.

Growth Beckons, Are You Ready?


What do entrepreneurs look for? Roll out strategies and practices to scale the business. ICFAI Online MBA is well equipped to take on these venture dilemmas. Case studies, interaction with industry leaders, learning from likeminded peers, research projects; our pedagogy has objectives and key results to nurture your entrepreneurial dream.