Key Highlights

Projects Foster Industry Connect

Projects Foster
Industry Connect

Industry connect projects? That too from your own workplace? It's really a win-win. You're a step closer to the dream degree; and your employer gets a futuristic business design.

Empowering Entrepreneurs:


Entrepreneurs could be born or made? But we empower them to be business savvy.

Pedagogy, designed with Students at the Core

Pedagogy, designed with Students at the Core

All rivers converge into the sea. All the teaching practices close in on the student. They help them engage, discuss and progress to outcomes.

Faculty, A Call Away

A Call Away

….and they give you smart ways to learn and scale. There are many such heart-warming faculty stories.

Scholarships Cheer Talents:

Cheer Talents

Scholarships signal good deeds do get noticed. Is there a better way to ignite the motivational spark?

Learning Methods just for you

Learning Methods
just for you:

No two students are the same and we like all of them achieve high standards. No wonder, every student feels the learning methods are designed just for them.

Faculty, A Call Away

CEO's Inspire
You Every Week

CEO's tips outdo case studies. They are time tested too. ICFAI Online MBA students get 'CEO Inspiration' every week (virtually though).

Scholarships Cheer Talents:

The Experience Sharing Your Buddies Do

'A stone that treads on jasmine smells of jasmine' and a networking with experienced peers, adds to your wisdom. We can tell you many such real-life stories.

Learning Methods just for you

Go Micro,
Grasp at Ease

Micro cases picture challenges, path and the outcome in short-form (against lengthy standard versions). We encourage micro models, as we too value time.

The Assessment Plan is Your Pick

The Assessment
Plan is Your Pick

If the learning is flexible, why shouldn't the assessment be? We asked this ourselves. Your assessment plan is your pick.

Empowering Entrepreneurs:


No two students are alike; so too should be their methods. Can this be a reality? Yes! No wonder then that each of our students feel the program is made just for him/her.