Placement Potential and Career Path

  1. Assessing the Profile: The program is designed to build workplace competencies. However, the student profile and aspirations can differ:
    • Fresh graduates looking at an entry into a managerial career
    • Graduates with experience looking at a vertical or lateral movement into a managerial career across functions/ sectors/ geographies.
    • Graduates who are self-employed or from family businesses who are looking at professionalizing/growing/ transforming their businesses for the new era.
    At the time of admission the student profile is mapped.
  2. Personal Development Plan: Based on the profile and progress of the student, periodic feedback with an option for counselling is provided. The student is encouraged to self-assess, develop realistic goals on their aspiration as well as define personal learning outcomes/milestones they would like to achieve at the end of the semester/year. Their learning strategies and engagements inside and outside the program need to align to these goals and milestone outcomes. This process leads to the student making their Personal Development Plan. In every review period the program experiences must be reviewed and the goals/ milestones/ strategies, engagements and commitments reset.
  3. Self-Awareness, Career Exploration and Career Choice: By the end of the first year the student should have developed adequate self- awareness and explored career options through sufficient research to make a decision on which career they would like to pursue and the elective choices which need to be made.
  4. Developing the Student Portfolio: Once having made a career choice, the student needs to build relevant knowledge, skills and competencies that recruiters look for and showcase them through the Student Portfolio. The learning journey in the second year integrates these goals.
  5. CDOE -IFHE’s Career Services: The above activities are supported through the following
    1. eLearning Record System which provides the required analytics of the learning journey in the program mapped to student profile.
    2. Student Clubs which foster areas of student interest and passion and manifest them for common benefit.
    3. Career Counselling Services which includes facilitative expert sessions to build self-awareness, conduct industry/ career research, deciding on career choices and assessment of progress vs goals.
    4. Industry Interface to offer course projects, virtual workplace experiences in various forms apart from being part of industry awareness and industry research.
    5. Mentoring to review and guide for better choices on goals, milestones, strategies, engagements and commitments in the Personal Development Plan and thereby better progress.
    6. Industry Network: The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education has developed a wide and vast network of companies under its various industry interface activities, including Bajaj Capital, Bharti Airtel Services, Capital First, Coffee Day Global, CRISIL, Edelweiss Financial Services, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Infoedge India, Karvy, Kotak Securities, Mahindra Finance, Pantaloons Fashion and Retail, Tech Mahindra etc . This industry interface will facilitate the Career Services elements for the ICFAI Online MBA.

   Career Opportunities

  1. The Current Environment: The pandemic has accelerated the change to online and virtual ways of functioning with increased digitization, digitalization and digital transformation of business. Organizations will look for skill sets in the digital way of functioning. Reskilling/ Up skilling will be of paramount importance. Multitasking is a necessity in the challenging business environment.
  2. The ICFAI Online Advantage: In this context, the students of the Online MBA Program which is 100% online have multiple advantages
    • Of having learnt in a digitally transformed learning environment to secure their learning outcomes.
    • Having an equal emphasis on current context along with concept which continually emphasizes the need to be future ready. The learning objects, activities and assessment emphasize this.
    • The focus on self-analysis, career exploration, career choice makes students realistic and future focused in their Personal Development Plans and its execution.
  3. Redefining Career Opportunities: Various Career Opportunities are available in the areas of Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing and IT and Operations. Technology is redefining the skill sets needed for each of them. New areas are emerging. The ICFAI Online MBA programs enables students to appreciate this change and position themselves appropriately.

Emerging Areas

The pandemic has accelerated the use of technology in many areas. Some sectors have also benefited for instance Healthcare and Pharma, Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, eCommerce are expected to boom. MBAs can pursue careers

  • In the areas of drug manufacture, marketing, sales and research in the Pharma sector
  • As hospital administrators, project managers, health services managers in the healthcare sector.
  • As entrepreneurs in online consulting, digital marketing, online delivery services, eCommerce etc.
  • As data science managers, data science consultant, product analyst, customer experience specialist, product manager, marketing analytics analyst provided they have basic understanding of the necessary technological tools.

Career Development Workshops

Webinar on Career Opportunities in Management

Speaker Prof. Ramesh Krishnan
Profile Associate Professor - IFHE
Date 29th July, 2021

Cutting Edge Skills for Career Advancement

Speaker Dr. Senapathy MR
Profile Associate Professor - IFHE
Date 02nd Sep, 2021

Managing Self Through Mentoring

Speaker Dr. Senapathy MR
Profile Associate Professor - IFHE
Date 16th Sep, 2021

Climate Risk Reporting

Speaker Mr. Amit Singh Sisodiya
Profile Editor - IUP Publications
Date 29th Sep, 2021

Understanding Digital Marketing Targeting: A Customer's Perspective

Speaker Dr. Rishi Dwesar
Profile Associate Professor - IBS Hyderabad
Date 13th Oct, 2021